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2021 Asphalt Paving Industry Report
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This is Phase 2 of 3 for the Asphalt Paving Industry Report.

In this phase 2, we are seeking anyone in the paving or sealcoat industries who is willing to fill out the survey below.

Answer as many questions as you are comfortable with. However, the ability of the survey to help provide helpful insights depends on a high volume of answers. 

Please only fill this survey out once. 

Phase 1: Ask for questions to add to the questionnaire

Phase 2: Present the online questionnaire to any paving or sealcoat company owner, manager, or employee wanting to participate through email and social media outlets (Survey will conclude April 2022)


Phase 3: Compile and begin to release the data from the survey 

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How would you like to submit your answers?
Would you like to recieve future reports, findings, and writings from Pave it Forward by email?
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Thank you!

Are you in paving or sealcoating? (Select all that apply)
What is your most frequented responsibility or position?
Does your company work with residential clients, commerical or both? (Select all tht apply)
How many residential jobs did you complete in 2021 compared to 2020?
How many commercial jobs did you complete in 2021 compared to 2020?
How was your workforce turnover rate in 2021 compared to 2020?
Did you increse or decrease your marketing budget in 2021?
Did you advertise your services on any of the following platforms in 2021? (please select all that apply)
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Now 15 short answer questions.

Be as general or specific as you see fit.

Thank you!

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~ 10 to go! ~

Questions from Readers

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only 3 left!

You are more than welcome to answer these 20 questions anonymously. If you provide your information, your answers for the short answer questions along with your name or company may be shared as part of this report. If you would like to keep your answers anonymous, please select the "anonymous"  option and your answers will have no name or company attached. If you do choose to provide your information, we will contact you by email or tag you on Instagram when the report is ready to be released. Your information will only be used in congruence with this report unless you choose the option at the bottom to be notified of other ADC reports and promotions by email.


Thank you to everyone who submitted questions! Duplicate or similar questions have been consolidated into one. 

The purpose of putting this report together is to study and provide potentially helpful information for the asphalt paving community, by the asphalt paving community. The insights and results provided depend on the number of participants submitting and answering questions. It is our goal to provide information that is useful for the paving industry going forward. The help could be through the discovery of successful tactics or understanding common problem points. If enough information is provided, Pave It Forward will use the most striking or potentially helpful data to pursue answers, suggestions, and tactics for both individuals and the improvement for the asphalt industry as a whole.    

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